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Friendship Fellowship in Denver and Colorado Springs has been busy this summer training and starting new outreach in both Colorado Springs and Denver that hopes to grow beyond the Front Range of Colorado and train and equip pastors, mentors and guides in Orlando; Brooklyn and Queens and in Boston. Friendship Fellowship is a special church for people with special needs; their caregivers and families that was started in 2010 at Washington Park Chapel. Since then in Denver the mission has moved to Pilgrim Church where summer missions are happening again in July. Pilgrim Church is an inner-city church and is located at 47th and Vine Streets off of Interstate 70. A blog website to lend support to people with special needs; their caregivers and their families is a resource for people around the world.  https://friendsandfellowship.wordpress.com/ as well as a digitally published guide called Friends and Fellowship.

Go deeper

Part of the outreach has been reaching out to nursing and Health Care Homes in our cities while in Colorado Springs Friendship Fellowship has a church that meets at one of the agencies. “Doing the most for the least of these is the least we can do,” quipped one of the pastors in a planning meeting with the Ministry, Leadership and Communications Institute based in Denver. The planning group recently started The Progressive Street Church; that holds a church service- block to block in major cities. The group is headquartered at Mission Coffee Roasters on Ridgeline in Colorado Springs. The connection with Mission Coffee is both meeting space and foundational planning for the movement. Brett Bixler the owner and founder of Mission Coffee tells the Special Needs ministry Examiner, “With every 12 ounce bag of Friendship Fellowship labeled coffee, Friendship Fellowship gets around $5.” This goes to the missionaries who are planting Friendship Fellowship through Word and Spirit Churches in major cities and even rural areas.

Mission Map

On Wednesday evenings starting in September, Friends and Fellowship will begin a small group who will engage in Bible Studies; Relationship Building and Outreach activities at Mission Coffee Roasters. The group is a multiple church network and is centrally located in Colorado Springs at Mission Coffee Roasters. “Every week a new digitally based article and workshop will be published through Vantage Point NY, a new media platform of original urban praise music; a Bible Study and a mission map where a group of 12 married couples in the community will participate. “These 24 people will be the movers and shakers of the community in  weekly study; in forming strong cell groups and friendships and then participating in outreach like Friendship Fellowship and Progressive Street Church.  “We want to open it up to parents who have dropped their kids off at one of the many churches on a Wednesday night  and invite them in to a community that will participate in building strong friendships and engage in fellowship.

Study, relationships and outreach

To equip married couples in studying together, building strong relationships and participating in mission outreach at home, through work and community, we will be building the body of Christ in ways Christ designed the church. This will strengthen marriages; converge calling and purpose for people and start family teams of missionaries giving their most for the least of these. The Ministry-Leadership and Communications Institute is expanding to East Coast Cities. If you are interested in having MLC Institute begin a weekend workshop please e-mail Friendshipfellowship@juno.com. For a free guide to the Five Points of Influence Movement please e-mail nyradio@juno.com.




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