Webinars on Friendship to air on Vantage Point


Vantage Point Network is a new platform that contains digital publishing; web and phone content; digital radio/audio; and digital TV/Cinema with webinars from ministries and workshops that are designed to train and equip people to participate in community building in five key areas. A web based press conference was announced today by the Ministry of Leadership and Communications to explain the impact the webinars will have in community building and reaching out to people with special needs; their families and caregivers as well as agencies and church partners.

1. Evangelism: From the urban praise music movement to studies, relationships and outreach programs range from The Daily Audio Bible to Guidepost Audio Magazine. There is a new program that is in development that takes an audio and/or video sermon and shows how that sermon impacts the neighborhood where the church serves. There is also a small group program that integrates text with audio and video. Vantage Point is working with authors to produce an audio series called “Chapter X Chapter” which includes practical guides to many subjects. Triology is a theological interview show that deals with the Mindset and Motive for God; approaching one and other like Jesus does; and renewing the power of The Holy Spirit in our thoughts and actions. The Denver Evangelical Examiner can be found in the pages of Vantage Point every Monday.

2. The Least of These: This includes message, mission and music to inner cities and includes overviews on counseling; special needs ministries; bi-lingual and mission work. Friendship Fellowship is a series of webinars from Friendship Ministries on Lifestyle Guides and Biblical Workshops and guide mentors in getting involved in reaching out to special needs adults and children; their families and caregivers. This Tuesday column can be found in Blog Form on Vantage Point as well as archives and digital materials relating to Friendship Ministries and Friendship Fellowship Churches. Communications links and interviews will be available including thecommunicationcure.com and Rita Schulte’s counseling programs.

3. Media that feeds a hungry culture– The platform will be working with a new film festival. “Churches making movies” is one program that will feature a new film weekly and get instant feedback from our readers, listeners and viewers. The Media and Culture column can also be found here as well as a future newsroom that will cover major stories in audio and video magazine form.   Cause Central is a funding foundation to research and develop new media that Vantage Point will create, produce and distribute. All of this speaks to the ministries of Friendship Fellowship Churches to lay a foundation of hope and expression and to train and equip leaders and advocates to do as Jesus did when he equipped leaders and advocates to reach out to the least of these.”

4. Prayer Point- From inner city prayer walking to planning sessions the Prayer area takes prayer calls from a prayer line and will air stories of prayer every Thursday. The National Prayer Examiner   column can be found here every Thursday as well as archives, special guests and interviews.  This is the fourth of the Five Points of influence and it is the center of Ministry, Leadership and Communications.

5. Front Range Burner- Community Building: This is the area where Vantage Point will concentrate on community building, coffee house and backyard fence conversations that effect how we join together as communities in the areas where you live; work and gather.

If you have original praise and worship music Vantage Point may be the place for you. The platform is looking for concert; gatherings; audio and video files that you would let us act as your music publisher- if chosen of course. We are doing the same for authors; pastors, and filmmakers who major in original works that contain the gospel message; are on mission; and who are part of the melting pot of styles and nationalities, but have the common union of Christ. Please send any files to nyradio@juno.com. Join the Blog at


Vantage Point is in the gathering and development stage and will officially debut with world media, Christian approach in September.





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