We are all convicted in Philadelphia


For many years it has been an unspoken practice. Yet many parents have faced an aching conflict on what to do when they get the results that list the chances of having a child with an intellectual disability. Gabe Lyons the author of “Un-Christian” and more recently “The Next Christians,” explains his personal experience of his son with Down Syndrome¬† and the journey his wife and he were about to embark on. Yet there was fear and trepidation at first. “Very few Down syndrome babies make it into the world,” Lyons writes. “Many pregnant and expectant parents who are presented with a prenatal diagnosis terminate their baby.”

Better Information

While the Lyon’s chose life for their son, they ached for the parents who chose to end the pregnancy and in doing so came up with a pamphlet that “leveled the playing field. Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis is distributed to every ob-gyn’s office in Atlanta. With that and the news from Philadelphia this afternoon, this poses good news for people with Intellectual Disabilities and their parents.

Human Rights or Civil Rights?

The question this brings up helps to bring up a new conversation regarding women’s health, children’s lives and what human and civil rights have been violated in the guise of privacy. The question this morning is if this is an isolated incident or do conditions like what was found in Philadelphia, run rampant in this country? Planned Parenthood is spinning it as an abnormality that justifies their method, and clinics funded by government so abortion is safe and private. Yet in looking into some of the Planned Parenthood clinics and history Planned Parenthood may be safer in comparison to the clinic in Philadelphia, yet the record and long term physical and mental health care of women is subject to question and investigation. At no time has Planned Parenthood done a reliable follow up survey that can prove better health for the mother because of an abortion. In all cases, human rights violations against the unborn child have been violated because of abortion.

Deciding when life begins and ends

The case of civil rights against women and children can also be made with the cultural and political perception of when life begins. It blurs the vision of medical personnel like, (yet not limited to) Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who for too many years became the judge of when life ends, therefore violating the civil rights of many children, and showing a reckless regard for life. It is the hope of many in every community that the Gosnell’s in their neighborhoods will be stopped now.


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