Seasons of Friendship


New Season- Friendship

The Friendship Fellowship season for 2012/2013 has come to an end. Yet it is a beginning in another sense and a time of giving, guiding and growing this ministry to people with special needs; their families and caregivers. In Denver and Colorado Springs the growth season is short and this year because of water restrictions limited to two days a week. Friendship Fellowship with Ancient Paths and Word and Spirit church networks has moved their Denver location to Pilgrim Church in the Elyria/Swansea area. In Colorado Springs the church saw growth by adding a Tuesday fellowship at Mosaic’s Day program on Garden of the Gods Road. There was also a small Friendship Fellowship at a local nursing home and in September and there is talk of beginning a student group at Roundup School. It costs the Friendship staff and volunteers $22 a month per person.

Friends and Family

This last season the church combined reached 65 people with disabilities. The total budget for Friendship in terms of giving was $7200 incoming allowing Friendship Fellowship to purchase curriculum and supplies for nine months. Since 2010, the Friendship season has run from mid September to May. “We have run two or three groups and Pastor Rich is also a consultant to Evangelical Free Churches in the Rocky Mountain District. “There has been interest from churches in Canon City and in Centennial but there is also hesitation on commitment. It’s like re-building the temple, you do not want to start something that the cost is not counted and the workers don’t show up, only to disappoint the  people who we are ministering to,” he says. That’s why we need the summer to ask people to give; to help guide and to grow our outreach.

Mission Coffee

In September Friendship Fellowship will begin Wednesday night studies, relationship building and outreach at Mission Coffee Roasters. For every 12 ounce bag Friendship Fellowship sells Mission donates $5.00 to Friendship Fellowship. The Friends and Fellowship guide and curriculum that will be studied is a digital publication that costs $4.00 “What we want to do is to help people learn about this ministry, study the Biblical, participate in praise and worship and then train teams to reach out and work with this population.” It is all about giving ( and when you buy a 12 oz bag of coffee you are giving $5 to reach 1 person with special needs a week.).

Give, Guide, Grow

It is also about guiding, when you learn and then guide one person, once a month in helping them express their faith, you become a Friend and Fellowship guide. Then the third part of giving, guiding and growing is for some who want to start Friendship Fellowship at their church or community center. There are thousands of people who are in group homes and host homes, and their are families and caregivers who need a couple of hours a week of respite or participation in church. To get give, to learn to guide and to grow Friendship along the Front Range and beyond e-mail


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