Three in one community and Triads


Progressions. Triads. 3 in one. Progressive, without parameters, sense of disorder and chaos. There is a strong correlation between the theology and relationship with God and the 88 keys on a keyboard and there is quite a difference between progressive thinking, free thinking and progressive music. A Biblical mindset and worldview with a systematic approach and lifestyle, are powered by evangelical sharing and design utilizing our unique gifts and talents. At Friendship Fellowship the members are often concrete thinkers. People with intellectual disabilities work well with Biblical concepts, a system of living, and they long to share the experience. That is what Tri-ology is all about and that is why acts of worship begin with singing the theologically based hymns; praise and worship songs; and choruses. There is a distinct connection and a longing to share it with one another.

Free Thinking and experimental music

On the other hand free thinking is just that, you get what you pay for and in this case it is free. Daily discipline and daily balance in the creative mind and heart winds up to be controlled improvisation. Jazz and Bluegrass, and classically trained musicians know the parameters, the rules and the regimen that understands the progressions, get what it means to be in relationship to one another in rhythm; in progressions, and in melody and lead solos.

Life progression

Theology is important and when you work within the rules of the mindset of God’s creation you can bring order to art, beauty and creativity because the foundation has been laid for us and we follow His lead. Jesus was the great improviser of coming to a situation and approaching people with power to heal; redeem, and he was easy to follow where he was going in our life song. When we approach everything in an act of worship to God, we rely on His sound foundation in prayer and dialogue, and once you understand the progression, and you follow the servant leadership of Christ, you become adept at step by step faith and intervals; healing; freeing; and following the lead. When you are ready to do it on His strength, you and I are communicating through message; on message; and in music. It is what relationships are all about.

A grant from the Holy Spirit

What are you powered by? One concept at Friendship that the leaders are trying to ensure and communicate is the concept that Paul told to the Romans (Romans 12:1). The renewing of our minds is Biblical and a renewing of our hearts is also a daily progression and the result and outcome is that our time; our gifts and our investment is the living sacrifice that is acceptable to God.  Again this is the mind that needs to be renewed in reading the Bible daily; then systematically doing what the Word says; and then there is a chemical reaction that takes our knowledge; and lives out God’s desire and gives us power that comes from the Holy Spirit. Musicians understand this concept. The musical mind takes the design of the composer and then begins to apply the knowledge to the instrument and then through everyday usage; everyday practice and everyday worship; everything begins to come together.

Flying solo

There is another part of that equation that the writer of the letter to the Hebrews writes” “Don’t forsake the Fellowship.” The musician, the worship leader understands this better than anyone. The free thinker and the progressive is often alone in a room with his or her books. Along with that they are constantly bored and looking for their own progression, living in their own room, and cutting off the flow of community. Stuck in our own ideas brings on a path of the grieving process that lacks relational flow. The solo artist begins to deny; experiences loneliness with no give and take. There is anger in the words and music, there is doubt in the existence of God and there is little hope or effort to seek out community because when it is the general practice, there is no accountability; no correction or challenge and that leads to depression. This is where we need to reach out to the isolated; and lovingly invite them into community.

The Triad Community

That is the difference between free thinking and Biblical mindset; it is the difference between a finger-pointing; legalistic approach and a  loving approach and a systematic process. Evangelism and Evangelical Theology is an integrated lifestyle of refilling the mind and the heart and living on the power of the Holy Spirit in community. That may not sound progressive but it is a progression to community. The composer has the song in mind that he or she creates, the lead takes that song and approaches it, teaches it to the band, the rehearse it, at first alone to an audience of one, it penetrates the mind and the heart and then the other instruments and voices come together. The experience of mind and heart rehearsals-to an audience of one-varies. Then they come together in community. Individuals empowered by God to their calling and on the same page, playing each part. The foundation of the progression; the approach of improvisation and making music flows into a power; that is beyond a singular platform; bringing on dimensions. Progression. Triad. Three in one.

Who we are: The Mission Experience is one that you can participate where you are and beyond. At Mission Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs there is room to raise support; share in mission work and experience fellowship. You can also bring “really good coffee with a mission” back to your church by starting a Mission Coffee House where you worship. Please contact Richard Beattie at


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