Friendship Fellowship partners with your church


Our role at Friendship Fellowship is to provide guidance to your church on planting Fellowships that reach out to the intellectually disabled in your community; agencies and to special needs families. Our goal is to start; find sponsors and sustain Friendship Fellowship in your community in order to grow your church in outreach and ministry, in membership and in local missions. 

There is no greater mission for your church than to reach out to the kind of people who Jesus reached out to. I have prayed about this, read and compiled research, partnered with agencies, found the best curriculum, compiled music, received training and have been charged with this portion of the Great Commission to “Go” and make disciples. No one has promised me a Brinks Armour Truck to do this. I simply am called to give you this message. People with Intellectual Disabilities need churches to get on board who will invite them into your community and meet them where

they are!


Most of you pat me on the back and tell me that you are “excited about the prospects of reaching people with Intellectual Disabilities but…”

We already are partnering with so many local ministries…

we don’t have the resources…

we are not called to this population…

The truth is we are looking for partners. Yes, we are asking for 20 mentors to reach out to 20 people and their families. We train them, we invite the people with intellectual disabilities, and train one person from your congregation and mentor them to be the special needs pastor at your church, when they are ready. We ask for 20 people to give $22 a month to support one person with special needs to have a church that they can go to. We shoot for 20 but if we just get 10 we reach out to ten; if we only have 5, we reach out to 5. God blesses and multiplies.

Lets say we get 5 from your church and we need to get 4 other churches involved in one Friendship Fellowship in your town, we will be joyfully equipped! We have partnered with other ministries like Crossroads in Colorado Springs who reaches out in nursing homes. Friendship also works well with Chaplain and Pastoral Care Groups in your church. “Special Needs” covers anyone who has a “special need” and it ranges from intellectually disabled to Alzheimer’s and everything in-between including veterans who are in our community with a Traumatic Brain Injury and at times street ministries and Homeless.

The vision I sense from God is to train 20 mentors to reach out to 20 people with Intellectual Disabilities, and get 20 additional people to give $22 a month to support the mission. Was it per church? Perhaps. But what if it is per community with 4 or 5 churches? I don’t know that for sure but when I sense a God sized vision, I go with the more ambitious plan! We set up 3 workshops for 4 mission zones on the Front Range:

Zone A -North Churches

Mosaic in Fort Collins

Place to be announced

Date: August 18


This is for individuals from Casper and Cheyenne, Wyoming; Eaton and Greeley, Colorado, Loveland, Colorado, Longmont, Thornton, Boulder, Westminster and all points in-between.

Zone B- Denver Metro Churches

Denver, Commerce City, Littleton, Centennial, Aurora, Parker, Wheatridge, Lakewood, Golden, Evergreen (and everything in between)

Extending Friendship Workshop

Washington Park Chapel

1001 South Pearl (at Tennessee)

Denver, Colorado


Zone C- Castle Rock, Colorado Spring, Pueblo, Pueblo West, Canon City, Woodland Park, Divide, Falcon,

Mountain Springs Church

7345 Adventure Way

Colorado Springs, CO 80923

August 11, 2012


Cost per individual $35 (includes lunch)

Church (up to 5 people) $120

(Two churches can split the cost of 5 people)


What Workshop are you signing up for?

(  ) Colorado Springs  (  ) Fort Collins  (  ) Colorado Springs





Church: ________________________________________

Telephone Number: ________________________

interested in:

(  ) Mentors Training

(  ) Special Needs Pastor

(  ) UP Worship

(  ) Ministry

(  ) We are a special needs family

Please send checks to

Ancient Paths

PO BOX 477

DENVER, CO 80201-0477

Call Richard 719.268.4821


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