All is Well- Jacob’s Well

Well Loved Child-Jacob’s well
Posted By: Richard Beattie

The well read author

and the well loved child

the well known father

and the well done mile

The well intentioned

and the well meant smile

can bring us home once again

The well and injured

the well built home

the well done offering

leave well enough alone

all will be well again

this I know, and we’ll be home again

we’re coming home again,

You can can go home again

in your mind, on your path

through poetic lines, opening your hands

You can go home in the Spring night air,

through the joyful times and in deep depair.

But don’t despair- all will be well

all will be well, back to the well,

you’re home again.

The well read author

meets the well loved child,

they hit the road of a homestead mile

The father stumbles

The child arrives

together once again.

He wanted water

she drew from the well

He spoke of life

she spoke of living hell

She’s someone’s daughter

He’s Emanuel

there at Jacob’s well. All is well.

BT Springs



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